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my heart has wings

and they will fly to the sun

Rinoa Heartilly
3 March
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Played by sisyphean for lifestream_hs.

Hi! I'm Rinoa Heartilly. Chances are you probably know me, because as my friends are fond of saying, I never stop talking, so it's not like you can really escape me. Hehe. I'm going to be a Junior in HS this year, and I'm looking forward to putting some things in motion and really making a difference!

We just won't talk about where I live and stuff because that's all boring. If you want to hang out, just say something! Don't be shy! These are the best years of our lives, right? Right.

Period 1. English III
Period 2. Algebra II
Period 3. Psychology
Period 4. US History
Period 5. Jewelry
Period 6. Gym
Period 7. World Cuisine I

... oh ew. Just... ew. I am so glad this is my last year of math.